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Stewart S - Buyer

My wife and I are in our 70s and have bought and sold many houses over the years. In 2021, we found a little cottage in Cannon Beach Oregon. The house was in tear-down condition, but it was in an ideal location for us to enjoy nature and the beach. From the beginning, it wasn't an easy process. The seller wanted a cash buyer to grab the property as is, but we needed a bank to finance the mortgage, so it looked like we were out. But our real-estate agent, Ted Tanner from Beach Dog Real Estate Group, managed to get our offer accepted. That was only the beginning of our painstaking journey to get this property under our name: two appraisals, one property survey, the bank's many demands on habitability, the house's non-conformity with the city ordinances, were creating constant negotiations with the bank and the seller. But at every huddle, Ted was there to guide us, comfort us, and negotiate with the bank representative and the seller' agent to get to the finish line. We never knew how important a real estate agent's roll could be until we experienced this complicated transaction.
Integrity, honesty, and responsibility are often lacking in the house buying marketplace. Ted was always straight forward with us. We never felt that he was just trying to make another sale. We bought the house long distance, so we had to rely him for many things. When the seller made any improvements to the house during our escrow process, Ted would go over to take videos and send them to us. He even measured the space for the refrigerator so that we could have it delivered on the day we moved in.
Now we are peacefully sitting in our dining room sharing this story with you and strongly recommend Ted Tanner as your real estate agent.

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