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What my clients say...

5 Star Review Ted Tanner.png

Lani A - Buyer

Ted helped us buy our dream beach house. Ted is responsive, knowledgeable and great to work with. He helped us work through the inspection process and partnered with the selling agent to ensure work was completed. We lived out of town and Ted would send us videos of properties and provide us updates along the way. Great agent to work with, highly recommend!

5 Star Review Ted Tanner.png

Jody F - Seller

Ted, you have been the best real estate broker I’ve ever met! You went above and beyond to help us sell our property in these crazy times. Thank you so much for everything! I highly recommend you to everyone I know at the coast.

5 Star Review Ted Tanner.png

Gino D G - Seller

Ted was incredible at helping us navigate the changing rate environment! Highly Recommended!

5 Star Review Ted Tanner.png

Brett R - Buyer

Ted Tanner is the exact person you want getting things done for you on the Oregon Coast. The markets are a little different than in Portland and Ted knows them all like the back of his hand. And most importantly, he knows how to navigate the waters. He helped us get what turned out to be the perfect beach property we have always wanted. It was tough sailing at first based on the unique situation, and we had our share of storms but he stayed on the seller and was able to negotiate a very fair deal that made all parties happy. No doubt, Ted went above and beyond. Plus, he's a cool guy and easy to work with which makes a huge difference! I first got his contact information from my trusted Portland based agent Rick Sadle and Rick's referral ended up being the right one. Ted lives and works along the beautiful Oregon Coast and having his expertise when it comes to selling or buying a home or property is key! My family and I now have our own place there - can't wait to have him over and hopefully work with him again as much as possible. Thanks Ted and Beach Dog Real Estate Group!

5 Star Review Ted Tanner.png

Stewart S - Buyer

My wife and I are in our 70s and have bought and sold many houses over the years. In 2021, we found a little cottage in Cannon Beach Oregon. The house was in tear-down condition, but it was in an ideal location for us to enjoy nature and the beach. From the beginning, it wasn't an easy process. The seller wanted a cash buyer to grab the property as is, but we needed a bank to finance the mortgage, so it looked like we were out. But our real-estate agent, Ted Tanner from Beach Dog Real Estate Group, managed to get our offer accepted. That was only the beginning of our painstaking journey to get this property under our name: two appraisals, one property survey, the bank's many demands on habitability, the house's non-conformity with the city ordinances, were creating constant negotiations with the bank and the seller. But at every huddle, Ted was there to guide us, comfort us, and negotiate with the bank representative and the seller' agent to get to the finish line. We never knew how important a real estate agent's roll could be until we experienced this complicated transaction.
Integrity, honesty, and responsibility are often lacking in the house buying marketplace. Ted was always straight forward with us. We never felt that he was just trying to make another sale. We bought the house long distance, so we had to rely him for many things. When the seller made any improvements to the house during our escrow process, Ted would go over to take videos and send them to us. He even measured the space for the refrigerator so that we could have it delivered on the day we moved in.
Now we are peacefully sitting in our dining room sharing this story with you and strongly recommend Ted Tanner as your real estate agent.

5 Star Review Ted Tanner.png

Michael K - Buyer

Our family was interested in owning a west coast getaway in Rockaway Beach Oregon for a while. Last year we contacted Ted Tanner… a Realtor who lives on the coast. We explained what we were looking for and the area. Ted was instrumental in getting us a beautiful place exactly what we were looking for in a great price range. Ted explained everything in a way that was easy to understand, from the making the offer, to working with the Inspections, and even helping negotiate with the owner to get the price in line with the market. This made it really easy to follow up and work with the mortgage lender and the whole process just worked beautifully all the way to closing. Wow! Made buying this house such a breeze! I would highly recommend in using Ted as a buying agent.

5 Star Review Ted Tanner.png

Sharon K - Buyer

Buying a house is a crazy experience, especially when it is your first time buying and you have no idea what to expect. That is why I am so grateful Ted was there every step of the way to explain what was happening, what things meant, and what was coming next. He was always checking in to let us know where we were in the process, and he always had time for a quick question via phone or text. When issues came up during the appraisal process, Ted really showed how dedicated he was to us and worked so hard for our best interest. We were so lucky to have Ted on our side during this whole crazy process and highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home!!

5 Star Review Ted Tanner.png

Missi C - Broker

Though I didn’t work with Ted directly, I referred some close friends to him to purchase at the Oregon coast and am SO GLAD that I did! Ted was amazing. My friends were first time homebuyers who were at the very beginning of their journey, and Ted patiently helped them secure lenders and search for homes that would work for themselves and their dog, ultimately finding the perfect place. He was so patient and helpful, and outstanding with communication and updates to me as well. I got continual messages from my friend about just how great and responsive he was – it felt so good to know that everyone was in good hands. There were some bumps along the way, which happens, and Ted handled them well and stayed committed to helping everyone get a good outcome, which they got! They officially closed a few days ago on a home that seems meant for them. I absolutely recommend Ted to anyone looking to buy at the coast!

5 Star Review Ted Tanner.png

Alex K - Buyer

My wife and I have wanted to buy a house on the Oregon Coast for some time, but in today's tight market we entertained little hope of success. About a month ago, a property was listed for sale that was a perfect match for us.

By sheer stroke of luck, we came across Ted Tanner at Beach Dog Real Estate Group on the internet and called him up. He immediately sprung into action and arranged an in-person viewing on the same day. We loved the property, but so would many other prospective buyers. Ted, however, skillfully structured our offer in such a way, that it was immediately accepted and thus we were able to avoid competing with other buyers altogether. We are convinced that without Ted's help we would have either grossly overpaid for the property or have lost it to someone else.

But it did not end there. Throughout the entire buying process we benefited from Ted's expertise immensely. During the inspections some questions arose about the property that required consultations with several specialized professionals. Due to his intimate knowledge of the community, Ted was able to find and engage the right people on a moment's notice and help move the process along smoothly.

He always answered all calls, emails and texts promptly, most of them immediately. We heartily recommend Ted's services to anyone thinking of buying or selling real estate on the Oregon Coast. It was a genuine pleasure to work with him.

5 Star Review Ted Tanner.png

Karen M - Buyer

As I sit here, sipping my first cup of coffee of the day, looking out my front window enjoying the view of all of the plush Oregon greenery with a backdrop of Young’s Bay! It’s absolutely beautiful!!! Such a very lovely place to live!!! Eddy enjoys his walks and I enjoy all of the breathtaking views!! This was all brought together with the help of Ted Tanner, our Real Estate Agent!! He was and is very kind and so informative, he is a very seasoned Agent! Ted, at every step of the way welcomed all of our questions. He took the time to explain what I did not understand and made me feel good for asking questions! I very much appreciated that!! I am confident to say that I would Absolutely recommend Ted for your real estate needs and would ask him to work with us again when the time comes! For now though, I’m glad to be settling in!!

5 Star Review Ted Tanner.png

Chelsea S - Buyer

We feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Ted in this extremely tough, Portland Area market. Ted’s accessibility, analysis of market trends and recommendations were all invaluable. In a tight market, you want an agent who is available on short-notice, and Ted was always quick to respond, which made it possible for us to get an accepted offer on the house we wanted. Ted understood market trends in the different neighborhoods we were considering, which helped us write an offer that worked for us and was competitive. He made a number of recommendations to us for inspectors and other service providers, and we were extremely happy with each one. Ted is a consummate professional, and a really great person who cares about his clients. We felt so well represented by Ted, and we can’t recommend him enough.

5 Star Review Ted Tanner.png

Richard K - Buyer

When we got serious about our house hunt in Oregon, we were expecting a daunting landscape with cut-throat bid wars and pressuring agents. After all, it's everything we've heard about through friends and colleagues. We met Ted Tanner and he immediately sold us with his calm demeanor, his very focused expertise and a wealth of information to help us navigate the market wisely. The ride was slippery at first as we were familiarizing our approach and narrowing down our comfort-zone / sweet-spot. Ted effortlessly absorbed and understood our needs / preferences and was able to make solid recommendations throughout the process. 3 months into our search and after barely losing out on a couple of properties, we finally found our home. Ted helped make the entire process far easier than we had imagined. He is professional, prompt and always available (even when he's out of town) hustling to submit paperwork and going to bat for us in a pinch. He's the true definition of a solid buyer's agent.

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