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Karen M - Buyer

As I sit here, sipping my first cup of coffee of the day, looking out my front window enjoying the view of all of the plush Oregon greenery with a backdrop of Young’s Bay! It’s absolutely beautiful!!! Such a very lovely place to live!!! Eddy enjoys his walks and I enjoy all of the breathtaking views!! This was all brought together with the help of Ted Tanner, our Real Estate Agent!! He was and is very kind and so informative, he is a very seasoned Agent! Ted, at every step of the way welcomed all of our questions. He took the time to explain what I did not understand and made me feel good for asking questions! I very much appreciated that!! I am confident to say that I would Absolutely recommend Ted for your real estate needs and would ask him to work with us again when the time comes! For now though, I’m glad to be settling in!!

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