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Alex K - Buyer

My wife and I have wanted to buy a house on the Oregon Coast for some time, but in today's tight market we entertained little hope of success. About a month ago, a property was listed for sale that was a perfect match for us.

By sheer stroke of luck, we came across Ted Tanner at Beach Dog Real Estate Group on the internet and called him up. He immediately sprung into action and arranged an in-person viewing on the same day. We loved the property, but so would many other prospective buyers. Ted, however, skillfully structured our offer in such a way, that it was immediately accepted and thus we were able to avoid competing with other buyers altogether. We are convinced that without Ted's help we would have either grossly overpaid for the property or have lost it to someone else.

But it did not end there. Throughout the entire buying process we benefited from Ted's expertise immensely. During the inspections some questions arose about the property that required consultations with several specialized professionals. Due to his intimate knowledge of the community, Ted was able to find and engage the right people on a moment's notice and help move the process along smoothly.

He always answered all calls, emails and texts promptly, most of them immediately. We heartily recommend Ted's services to anyone thinking of buying or selling real estate on the Oregon Coast. It was a genuine pleasure to work with him.

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